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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Graduate School Separation Anxiety

For many of us, it is the close of the semester and we have hashed out all of our likes and dislikes for the field. Some of us have cried, some have revealed our insecurities, while others continue to struggle within themselves. The operative word here is WE. We have had each other for support, brainstorming and the like.

But what do we do when we get out there in the big bad world when WE becomes I? It is easy to say, attend conferences or call a colleague, but in the real world when life just gets in the way, how will we keep our selves in check? How will we know that we REALLY are doing the right thing working OUTSIDE THE BOX (which is in direct opposition to most practitioners)?

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vincent said...

It's one of those things that the anticipation is going to be just as bad as the first 6 months or year of the job. You try to overprepare yourself and imagine all of the possible scenarios that would occur and how you would react but the reality is that there's a huge adjustment to make. Does that make me feel better, knowing that things are going to get worse before they get better? No. However, I think that the setup of our program does a nice job of easing us into the role. Beginning with the practicum hours and then entering into the externship really allows us to make mistakes under supervision, which is better than being on the job alone without someone to refer to for help. It also gives us the chance to hear feedback and probably decreases the learning curve. Yes, I am anxious to begin, but that holds true for any job or new experience so it's not like we're part of a select population who is going through this turmoil so to speak.

Katie said...

You've raised a REALLY good point. Maybe we could all just get hired in the same district? I guess the best way to make sure you are always on top of your game is to not lose sight of the school psychologist you want to be. So unfortunately our education doesn't stop now. We have to continue to constantly educate ourselves on whats gong on in the field.

We have sat here in all our classes rehashing our expereinces and worrying about what we are going to become. Now it is our turn to put our experience into practice. I know I don't want to be the school psychologist that loses sight of my own principles. So if I have to write down my beliefs of the ideal school psychologist and keep them on my desk as a constant reminder I may just do that.

christen0518 said...

wow katie!

that really isn't a bad idea! kind of like a little reminder so when and if you do loose sight you can be reminded of the mindset you entered the field with... I like it!

judy said...

so many good thoughts! looking back on where we've been will definitely help during the rough spots, as will reflecting on what brought us to the profession in the first place. ultimately, only time will tell just how we deal with on the job glitches; more importantly, as long as we learn from the experiences and grow, i think we'll be a-okay.